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Chair & Barstool Rentals

Chair & Table Delivery & Return
All chairs and tables are available for pick up, or available to be delivered, folded and stacked "curbside" at the Delivery Address unless otherwise specified in the order. Renter is responsible for properly unfolding and locking into place any folding table or chair unless set up has been ordered. If tear down is not ordered, chairs and tables must be folded and stacked as they were and in the same location they were dropped off by the start of the Return Arrival Window. Chairs and tables must be wiped down by Renter before being folded and stacked if any of the following is present on the chairs or tables: gum, candy, food, dirt, paint, glitter, crayon markings, pencil markings, pen markings, tape, glue or any other substance or marking that was not present on delivery.